USS Chinook (SP-644) – 1917-1918

USS Chinook I (SP-644) 1917-1918

I have not been able to find any pictures of this boat. If you happen to have one, please let me know below.

The USS Chinook was only in service to the US Navy for four months. The Chinook was a motorboat acquired from a private owner in 1917 and commissioned into Naval Coast Defense Reserve on October 19th, 1917 where it patrolled the Detroit River on the border of Canada between Lake St. Clair and Lake Erie. It was decommissioned and returned to her owners in February 1918. No pictures exist of her – if you got any, please comment below.

*note* – there is an advertisement in the January 10th, 1921 “Motor Boat, Volume 18” for a wooden boat named “Chinook.” These advertisements continued until at least August 1921. In those days this name was strange enough in the mid-west region that it could be the same boat.

40′ 5″ x 6″ 9′ Mahogany Runabout “Chinook,” speed 25 M.P.H. Equipped with a six-cylinder, 5 1/2 x 6 Van Blerk engine, electric starter, generator, electric lights, windshield, upholstered seats, top and curtains. Boat is in excellent condition and immediate shipment can be made to any point desired. Value $7,500.00: will sell for $5,000.00. Address Winston Engine Works, Cleveland, Ohio.”

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