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How do I find abandoned locations?

Get off the main roads and pay attention. Seriously. When taking longer trips, schedule extra time to take the back roads and visit those small forgotten communities. Make this:

Ghost Town route map

Into this:

Alternative Ghost Town map that actually goes to locations

Or, pick a location off of one of the Ghost Town Maps located here and plan a trip here. Another option is to use the Street View icon in your Maps app, explore back roads and look for those abandoned buildings and items. Right click on them, save to your personal map and visit when you get a chance!

Visiting Etiquette

– Treat locations like any other natural location. “Take only pictures, leave only footsteps.”

– Do not metal detect or disturb artifacts at historical sites.

– Do not rob wood from buildings, even if it “obviously” abandoned.


Please honor all “No trespassing signs”. We do not condone trespassing, and recommend only taking pictures from the local road.

Purchasing these properties

Most of these properties are not actually for sale. Most likely owners have left properties abandoned on purpose, or more likely they are in probate waiting for for a final decision. If someone wishes to move forward on purchasing a property, the first step is to find the physical address. Luckily Google Maps is a good resource as most of these sites might not have street numbers.Zoom in close enough on both the Web and the Phone Apps will show the street number.

Physical Addresses

From there, enter the address into the count tax website and find the property owner information. It might take a bit of research to find contact information from there and possibly a real estate lawyer to help make an actual offer.

Tax Information

Keep in mind that most of these properties can’t be financed due to the state they are in, so offers will have to be all cash.

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