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The research on this site is done with the help of many, many, books, and just as many blogs. While I do a fair amount of leg work myself, I rely heavily on those who have come before me. Below are some of the best blogs around regarding the Pacific Northwest. If you know of one that should be on this list, please let me know.

British Columbia





IGNOregon – Oregon blog aggregator. If you want to find out about anything in Oregon, this is the place!

Historic Hood River – images from the history museum of hood river county

Lost Oregon – Documents the disappearing Portland and Oregon of the recent past – through postcards, photos and words

Offbeat Oregon – Documents the offbeat and weird in Oregon

Old Oregon Photos – sells historic photos from all over Oregon. They have an immense collection, many of which I’ve never seen anywhere else.

Oregon Fotos – a collection of abandoned and historic building photos from around Oregon. Not a lot of information about buildings, but a lot of great pictures

Oregon Heritage Exchange is a blog maintained by Oregon Heritage, part of the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department, dedicated to preserving historic Oregon Buildings

Oregon Rediviva – regional Oregon, Washington and Pacific Northwest history

Oregon Schoolhouse Project – “Documenting, preserving, and celebrating Oregon’s historic one-room schoolhouses”

PDXHistory – probably the single best resource for Portland’s history. Site includes tons of pictures and covers a lot of “lost” Portland History.

The Preserve Oregon blog – a periodic romp through historic preservation issues in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest

The Portland Waterfront History Blog – Barney Blalock’s views and memories of the waterfront unclouded by advanced years, opinionated stance, and ignorance of the facts

Vintage Portland – a project of the City of Portland Archives and Records Center that displays images owned by the City.


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  • I’d like to know how to receive all your blogs…even the new ones. How do I get on your list? Dud you ever get into the town of Susanville? You say on your blog it was closed. I’d love to see the area. Been to Baker and saw the Armstrong Nugget…wow! Thank you, Ruthi

    • Hello Ruthi! Thank you for stopping by. You can can subscribe by using the widget over on the right side.

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