29th Mar 2014
Bellwood, Oregon

Bellwood, Oregon

Name: Bellwood, Oregon Class: A(Unknown) GPS: Latitude: 45.0751113, Longitude: -123.741224 Directions: On private land, no access Description: The only reference I can find to Bellwood is in “Oregon post offices,...

26th Mar 2014

Munson Falls, Tillamook, Oregon

Munson Falls is one of the most impressive waterfalls along the Oregon Coast. It’s a triple cascading horsetail fall with a drop of 319 feet. Fall and winter is the...

12th Feb 2014
Ghost town of Cuprum Idaho

Ghost town of Cuprum Idaho

Name: Cuprum, Idaho Class: H1 (Copper mines originally, now Summer Cabins and loggers.) GPS: Latitude: 45.0865458, Longitude: -116.6893141 Directions: *Note* Two wheel drive accessible only in summer months. Kleinscmidt Grade...

11th Jan 2014

Ghost Towns of British Columbia

The below list of Ghost Towns of British Columbia is not complete. If you have any additions to it, please comment below. I’m also interested in any stories, pictures, history...

11th Jun 2013

Perrydale, Oregon – Not quite a Ghost Town

Perrydale, Oregon – Not quite a Ghost Town Perrydale sits about ten miles north of Dallas, Oregon in Polk County. It can be accessed from either Perrydale Road north off...

27th Jul 2009

Mount St. Helens

May 18th, 1980, Mount St. Helens finally came through on it’s threats and erupted spectacularly, throwing ash 16,000 feet into the air. 23 square miles of material were moved, most...