14th Oct 2010

Petroglyphs in Oregon

Petroglyphs in Oregon These are reported to only be about 500 years old give or take, but here they are. On the left we have a sun like object, on...

14th Oct 2010

Boyd, Oregon – Ghost Town

Boyd, Oregon – Ghost Town The ghost town of Boyd consists of about half a dozen houses, an old barn, and an old mill building. Two of the houses in...

12th Oct 2010

Sunset in Newport

Sunset in Newport The Yaquina Bay Bridge in Newport Oregon at Sunset.

12th Oct 2010

Newport Bay Bridge

Newport Bay Bridge Also know as the Yaquina Bay Bridge. This is one of eleven bridges on the Oregon Coast designed by Conde McCullough. Construction started August 1, 1934, and...

11th Oct 2010

Crater Lake, Oregon

Crater Lake, Oregon Or more specifically, Wizard Island in Crater Lake.

11th Oct 2010

Bandon Lighthouse HDR

Bandon Lighthouse HDR The Bandon Lighthouse in HDR. Same photo as in this post, just manipulated a bit.

04th Oct 2010

Waldron School

Waldron School The town of Waldron is named after the Waldron Family who were prominent settlers in Central Oregon. A post office was established March 28, 1879 and closed July...

28th Sep 2010

Hot Lake Hotel, LaGrande, Oregon

Hot Lake Hotel, LaGrande, Oregon The Hot Lake Hotel in LaGrande Oregon has quite the history. It was built in 1864 as a “Sanitarium” to take advantage of the hot...

22nd Sep 2010

River Queen

The River Queen The River Queen’s real name is the S.S. Shasta. And before being reduced to a floating restaurant and now little more then a floating hulk along the...

26th Aug 2010

History Sign: Beaverton Historic District

History Sign: Beaverton Historic District Located on the west end of Broadway, in between Hall and Walker, the sign says: “The City of Beaverton was officially incorporated in 1893, but...

17th Aug 2010

Estacada Park, Oregon

Estacada Park, Oregon This sign is on the front door of the Estacada Community Center. The Clackamas river in the second picture still exists of course, but the arch and...

15th Aug 2010

"A Lewis and Clark Botanical Memorial"

A Lewis and Clark Botanical Memorial The “A Lewis and Clark Botanical Memorial” history sign is on Naito Parkway just next to the Burnside Bridge in Portland. The placement, and...