History Sign: Beaverton Historic District

History Sign: Beaverton Historic District

Located on the west end of Broadway, in between Hall and Walker, the sign says:

“The City of Beaverton was officially incorporated in 1893, but the City was born over a century ago. On the 26th of Dec. 1868. With hopes of brining a railroad to an area once described as “Mostly swamps & marshes connected by beaver dams to create what looked like a huge lake,” Joshua Welch, with the assistance of George Betts, Charles Angel, W.P. Watson, John Henry & other prominent residents of the area laid out what is now known as “Beaverton”

The area originally occupied by the Tualatin Indians rapidly became known to fur trappers for the large number of beaver that inhabited the lakes soon to follow were the farmers. Learning of rich minerals in the soil which yielded abundant crops.

District officially designated on January 20th 1986

This sign donated by Beaverton Chamber of Commerce”

The sign obviously could have used a proof reader or two.

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