Ghost Town of Rachel, Oregon

If you know anything about the Ghost Town of Rachel, Oregon, please leave a comment below.

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  • I live on it we own it

    • Were you the person I talked to about it at my presentation last year? Would you like to tell any stories or provide some pictures? I can find zero history about Rachel.

      • No we are not that person don’t have any pics but we no where every house,school,stables,post office wish we still had the pic they got old and ruined.

        • The town was a small town with one school building, a post office (for one year in the early 1900’s), one main stage coach stable, approximately 6-10 houses that were on our land, and one church. It was on the main stage coach route to all the towns around it (Salem, Sodaville, Albany, Holly, etc.). Most of the people who occupied the town died from the flu, which left the places around it haunted. My husband’s family bought the land in the 1920’s and they took down the last standing building (the school) from the town in the 1980’s.

  • We have lots of paranormal activity on our land.

  • My great aunt Evea Elswick Filkins taught school in Rachel. I’ve always wondered where exactly on Middle Ridge Road it was.

  • I live in Sweet Home and would like to visit Rachel sometime. I’m retired so it could be any time that works for you. I’m not interested in the paranormal stuff although I’m a good listener.
    I would like to do a little metal detecting and split any finds with you. I’m just in it for the fun other it. I’m not greedy and I don’t leave any messes. Please reply back if this interests you and until then have yourself a great day.

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