Beaverton Commonwealth Lake

Beaverton Commonwealth Lake

Beaverton Commonwealth Lake is located in northern Beaverton off of Butner Road. It’s a man-made lake maintained by the Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation District. There is no official website for the park, but it’s well known as a good fishing lake, especially for children. The lake is stocked with trout, and there are reports of bass being found in it along with catfish.

Beaverton Commonwealth Lake

Commonwealth Lake’s big attraction though is wildlife. Several varieties of ducks and geese live here year round, and migratory water fowl take advantage of the lake too.

Wood Duckling

Sometimes you have to dodge the wild animals, mostly the ducks and geese, but there is the occasional nutria. Usually they get off the pathway when people (and dogs) are coming through.

Other amenities at the park is a 0.8 mile paved (and flat) trail around the lake, a small playground for children, and a soccer field. The park is dog friendly, but does not provide an off-leash area. You’ll need to take dogs to another park such as Hazeldale for those needs.

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