Sheridan State Park, Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

Sheridan State Park

Among the many locations lost to time in the Columbia Gorge is Sheridan State Park. At one time this was a wayside along the Columbia River Highway, but was made inaccessible by the building of I-84 in 1960.

Luckily the Historic Columbia River Highway State Trail allows us to once again visit this gorgeous location. It’s located roughly half way between Eagle Creek Overlook, and Cascade Locks. The park was named after Civil War General Philip H. Sheridan who, as a Lieutenant, was stationed in Oregon at Fort Yamhill. He played a leading role in the 1856 Cascades Massacre, which took place across the Columbia River, and this park was one of many local features named after him.

Sheridan State Park

The history sign here says:

“Sheridan State Park; fragments of the PAST”

“Increased traffic and larger, faster automobiles were too demanding of the Columbia River Highway. The Highway – once seen as a road ahead of its time – was soon too narrow, too slow, and too dangerous. The public clamored for a wider, faster route.”

“Construction of a water-level route through the gorge began in the 1930s. By the 1960s, Interstate 84, had replaced the Historic Columbia River Highway as the primary route through the gorge. With construction of the new road, portions of the old highway slowly fell to pieces – tunnels were backfilled and bridges were destroyed.”

“Today, thanks to a revival of interest in the historic highway, fragments of the past remain – now resurrected, restored and reconnected as the Historic Columbia River Highway and the Historic Columbia River Highway State Trail.”

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  • Rick, the newer highway, now I-84, was built between 1952 to 1954. Their sign plays loose with history, as many historians do to. But, their sign is technically correct that by the 60s I-84 had relaced I-30…though I-84 was not actually built in 1960. cheers, scott

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