Oregon vintage logging photos

Oregon vintage logging photos

From the 1905 book “Pictures of Portland Oregon and Vicinity” are these interesting logging photos from around the state of Oregon, and possibly Washington.

Twelve foot fir tree

“A fir tree twelve feet in diameter. The Oregon red and yellow firs rival the pine in lightness and the oak in strength. They are nearly twice the strength of (under pressure) of eastern oaks and three times that of eastern pine.”

A Giant Brought to Earth

“Enormous trees of the diameter here dedicated are common in the forests all over the state.”

Ox Log hauling team

“At Westport, Oregon, the logs are hauled by sturdy oxen. Most of the logging concerns use powerful traction engines which draw giant logs over the roughest ground.”

Oregom Timber:Logging by Steam

“Six 24-foot cuts without a limb. Diameter six feet.”

“A modern method of getting out the logs. No parlor cars run on this road.

Constructing a Log Raft

“The view shows a huge raft in process of building. The Columbia River in famous for this method of transporting logs. The largest rafts in the world are floated here.”

Cigar Shaped Log Raft

“This immense raft was built my the Oregon Raft Company. It was 700 feet long, 56 feet wide and 24 feet deep. Fifty-four 196 foot chains were used in its construction. It contained 8,000,000 feet L.M., or 640,000 lineal feet.”

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