Oregon History Sign – The Two Sams

Oregon History Sign – The Two Sams

This sign is in Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor on the Southern Oregon coast which starts about 4 miles north of Brookings, Oregon.

Nothing specifically happened at this site, but no other location on the Oregon Coast really pays as much tribute to the two men who were most instrumental in keeping the Oregon Coast a continuous line of beauty explorable by the generations.

“Today, we are able to enjoy the incomparable beauty of Oregon’s natural areas because of the visionary thinking of two of our great citizens: Samuel H. Boardman and Samuel N. Dicken.”

“Samuel H. Boardman became Oregon’s first Superintendent of Parks in 1919. He had a great love of nature and recognized that Oregon’s beauty could be it’s greatest asset if managed properly. He pioneered projects for Oregon to acquire state land for future generations to enjoy.”

“Samuel N. Dicken, the “father of the Oregon Coast Trail,” was a geography professor at the University of Oregon. During his research for his book, “Pioneer Trails of the Oregon Coast,” published in 1971, Dicken realized that Oregon’s most special assets could be lost to public access. He encouraged state officials to create a trail along the Oregon Coast from border to border.

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