Office Covered Bridge (Westfir)

The Office Covered Bridge is probably one of the most unique covered bridges around due to it’s attached walkway. It’s also Oregon’s longest covered bridge at 180 feet. The bridge is the third at this location. It was built in 1944 by the Western Lumber Company to replace the bridge washed away in 1941. It’s one of two bridges in Oregon that uses the triple Howe truss construction. Since the bridge carried heavily loaded log trucks, this is heavily reinforced with oversized truss members, compound chord members, and multiple tension rods.

Office Covered Bridge

The town of Westfir, including the Office Covered Bridge, were sold to an investment company in 1977 and went through several owners until the plywood plant burned down just before Christmas in 1985. The owner defaulted on taxes and the land reverted to Lane County. The County ended up repairing the bridge in 1992 and replaced the roof in 2002.

Office Covered Bridge in Westfir Oregon

These days there is a county park on the North side of the Bridge. On the South side the mill’s old office is now the Westfir Lodge, Bed & Breakfast. The bridge is also at the south end of the Aufderheide National Scenic Byway, making it a great starting and stopping point.

Office Covered Bridge in Westfir Oregon


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