Ghost Town of Jonesville (Beekman), Washington

Name: Jonesville (Beekman)
Class: A1
GPS: Unknown
Directions: Described as “between Ronald and Cle Elum Lake”

Description: Jonesville was built for coal miners of one of the Roslyn Fuel Company Mines. It was closed down in 1928, and all the houses in town were moved to Ronald and Roslyn, or were completely torn down.

At this point it’s a true ghost town, not even visible! If you know anything about Jonesville please leave a comment below.

More Information:
Picture of town in the Brooks Library Digital Collections

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  • Bob harper the owner of harper lumber. The family owned the first grocery store in jonesville. The have alot of the history

  • Jonesville is not between Ronald and CleElum.Its north of ronald a short ways, you could always see some rose bushes blooming where the town stood.

    • Is it near where Driftwood Acres and Skookum Inn were?

      • No, that is too far north. The place where Jonesville was is now the housing development of Roslyn Ridge.

  • Per historical records CWU

    ”The Jonesville Coal Company was owned by Frank Watzel, Elizabeth Patrick Watzel, August Klaven, Marion Patrick Klaven, William Shaw, and Katherine Patrick Shaw. They operated the mine from 1927 until 1944. The three women were sisters and nieces of Archibald Patrick, who had started the mine in that location. They also owned the sweet shop in Roslyn. Jonesville was near the current town of Ronald , Washington….”

  • My aunt, Lily Anderson was born in 1919 in Jonesville

  • My grandparents, Harry Jones and Jean Bowie, were married there in 1914. My aunt was born there, or nearby in Roslyn.

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