Hotels in Portland Oregon

Hotels in Portland Oregon

So you’ve been reading my blog for a while and now you are sold on visiting Portland! Congratulations! But, where are you going to stay??? AirBNB is a great solution, in fact I highly recommend it in any city in the Pacific Northwest. But be careful as the City of Portland requires these to have licenses and many owners are NOT licensing their properties! You could find yourself without a place to stay very easily if the City decides to crack down!!

Hotels in Portland Oregon

The Hotel deLuxe in Portland Oregon

Or you could try CouchSurfing. Yeah.. that was cool when you were twenty years old and only had enough money for gas and breakfast. Luckily, Portland has a number of cool hotels at many price points!

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McMenamins Portland area hotels
Portland Airport Hotels
Portland Bed and Breakfast
Portland Hostels
Portland Guest Houses
Portland Luxury Hotels

Or, visit one of Portland most interesting new “hotels” Caravan – the Tiny House Hotel!

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