McMenamins Portland

McMenamins Portland

McMenamins occupies a weird place in Portland History. The McMenamin brothers were at the forefront of Portland’s now well known brewpub scene. They have purchased, and rehabbed, some of the most unique properties in Portland, making them into destination boutique hotels or pubs. Many of these locations were condemned or almost condemned buildings and all have been built to have unique themes and decorations.

McMenamins Portland

Alas, McMenamins has kind of been left behind in a lot of ways. Yes, their properties are universally awesome. But their beer hasn’t really kept up with what else is available in Portland these days. Their food used to be awesome, but is now considered to be run of the mill pub food. And their service, well, lets just say that you very rarely tip 20%.

That being said, there are some reason to go to McMenamins.

Best McMenamins Pubs

This is highly subjective, but these are my favorite pubs.

Barley Mill Pub where you can relive your favorite Grateful Dead concert
Blue Moon is one of the original McMenamins pubs
Chapel Pub to prey with your drinks
Ringlers Pub is where some of the best bands play
White Eagle home to ghosts and rock and roll!

McMenamins Hotels

Portland area McMenamins Hotels are a great cross between boutique hotels and luxury hotels crossed with easy access to alcohol. They also all happen to be historic buildings that the company has saved and restored.

Crystal Hotel in downtown Portland
Edgefield outside Portland (easy access to the Columbia River Gorge)
Kennedy School where you can drink, eat and sleep in class. Oh, and take a bath.
White Eagle home to ghosts and rock and roll!

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