Ghost town of Austin, Oregon

Ghost town of Austin, Oregon

Another stop along the Sumpter Valley Railway, Austin was a major supply depot for other gold towns. At it’s height it had three saw mills, a large jail, and several stores and office buildings.

Ghost town of Austin, Oregon<

The white building in the trees is called “Austin House,” it was a long established hotel and stage coach stop when Mr. and Mrs. Minot Austin bought it in 1888. The original building seems to have been about twice the size it is now. A picture of the original is in Lambert Florin’s Oregon Ghost Towns. I don’t know what the other, two story building’s purpose was for sure, but I think it was used as a school house.

Down the road and around the hill is “downtown” Austin.

Austin, Oregon

No stores or office buildings remain, but there are several newer houses including a mobile home. The name Austin House is now used at a location about two and a half miles away, at a local tavern/grocery store/restaurant/gas station.

If you know anything about this town, please comment below! There is very little history on it that I can find.

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