Eagle Creek Trail History Sign

Eagle Creek Trail History Sign

The Eagle Creek trail is one of the multitude of trail along the Columbia River. The head of the trail is located roughly a half mile from Eagle Creek Overlook along the Columbia River.

Eagle Creek Trail History Sign

This sign though is about another mile east on the Historic Columbia River Highway State Trail, which is a wide paved and very well maintained trail that follows parts of the Historic Columbia River Highway. It says:

“Eagle Creek; Echoes from THE PAST”

“The crackle of a campfire. The crank of a Model T. The click of a Browie camera. The clatter of pie tins. Playful laughter, ghost stores, and campfire songs echo from the stone walls of the Columbia River Gorge and in the riffles of Eagle Creek. Families have made memories here for generations.”

“Trains stopped on request at the Eagle Creek flag station in the early 1900s, to accommodate intrepid hikers seeking adventure. Eagle Creek Trail, completed in 1915, boats seven waterfalls and splendid scenery.”

“The Historic Columbia River Highway, also completed in1915, opened the beautiful sights in the Gorge to motorists. As Oregonians discovered the automobile, they rediscovered their love of the great out-of-doors. Eagle Creek was the first Forest Service campground in the United States. It attracted thousands of outdoor enthusiasts eager for a night under the stars.”

The bridge mentioned on the sign is west at the Eagle Creek Fish hatchery.

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