Bridal Veil Falls, Columbia River Gorge Ghost Town

Bridal Veil Falls, Columbia River Gorge

Bridal Veil, Oregon, is a former logging town, now Ghost Town in the Columbia River Gorge. The town got it’s name from a local landmark, Bridal Veil Falls. A state park, Bridal Veil Falls State Scenic Viewpoint is located at what would have been the western end of the town of Bridal Veil. The remains of the log flume as mentioned in the ghost town article, are visible from the family and kid friendly 3/4 mile hike to the falls. As are the remains of some concrete footings that line the stream.

Part of the park goes right out to the bluff, where the Columbia River and Highway I84 are visible. This same viewpoint has been around since the original Historic Columbia River Highway was built. Within the State Park is the falls themselves.

Bridal Veil Falls

The Bridal Veil Falls viewpoint looking over the Columbia River

There are actually three sets of falls on this road, but only one is visible from here. The other two are only visible by walking up the Palmer Mill Road.

Bridal Veil Falls

The river through here is very pretty, allow signs of the former logging operation abound if you know what to look for. Especially in the number and age of trees that line the river.

Bridal Veil River-small

While not as big as some of the other falls in the area, Bridal Veil does have a few benefits in the way of restrooms, ample parking, and a paved trail much of the way to the falls. Along with the nearby Bridal Veil Lodge, makes this a great park to spend the day (and night) in.

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