Bend Oregon Off-leash Dog Parks

Bend Oregon Off-leash Dog Parks

While Bend City Code states that dogs must be on tethered leashes, the city has seven off-leash parks for our furry four legged friends to play in. There are also several other off leash parks in the region.

Bend Oregon Off-leash Dog Parks

Off Leash Locations

Awbrey Resevoir – NW 10th and Trenton.

Big Sky Luke Damon Sports Complex – 21690 NE Neff Road. Fenced area with grass and natural surfaces.

Bob Wenger Memorial Off-Leash Area at Pine Nursery Park – 3750 NE Purcell Blvd. 14 acres with walking trails, a large grass field, natural areas, a small dog area, and a water park. For dogs.

Deschutes River Trail – Century Rd and Access Rd 41. Off Leash area is between Sunrise Village and Meadow Camp.

Gooddog Trail – Century Drive, half mile west of Entrada Lodge.

Hillside I Park – 2050 NW 12th Street – Off Leash Area is reached via the east side of the park, north of 10 Street.

Hollinshead Park – 1235 NE Jones Road. Off Leash Area

Overturf Butte Reservoir Park – 475 NW 17th Street. Off Leash Area only has partial fences.

Ponderosa Park – 225 SE 15th Street. Small Dog Area.

Riverbend Park – 799 SW Columbia Street. Small Dog Area.

Nearby Off Leash Areas

City of Redmond – Off W Antler / SW Black Butte Blvd between NW 15th Street and NW 17th Street

Sunriver – at Bennington Properties

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