Twin Peaks Filming Locations

Twin Peaks Filming Locations

Among the hundreds of movies and television shows filmed in the Pacific Northwest was a little drama called “Twin Peaks.” The series started out with the murder of the fictional town of Twin Peaks high school homecoming queen and followed FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper’s investigations in to the murder.

Twin Peaks does not exist, but many of the exterior scenes were filmed in North Bend and Snoqualmie Washington. A lot of the more iconic nature scenes from the television show were shot in Snoqualmie, while most of the external building shots look like they were in North Bend.

Twin Peaks Filming Locations

I don’t remember this bridge being in the show at all, but it was too awesome of a picture to pass over while the morning fog was concealing things.

Ronette's Bridge

Filming location "Ronette's Bridge" from the popular TV Drama, Twin Peaks

Filming location “Ronette’s Bridge” from the popular TV Drama, Twin Peaks

Two views of the Reinig railroad bridge (now a pedestrian bridge,) that was Ronette’s Bridge in the show.

Twin Peaks Parker Mill

Filming location of the “Parker Mill” from the popular TV Drama, Twin Peaks

Filming location of the "Parker Mill" from the popular TV Drama, Twin Peaks

Filming location of the “Parker Mill” from the popular TV Drama, Twin Peaks

The Snoqualmie Falls Lumber Company played the part of the Packard Sawmill in the show. The first picture above was from the location used in the pilot of the show. It was in the background in a lot of shots, especially since the sawmill office was used as the show’s Sheriff Department. Several scenes were also filmed inside the sawmill, including the whirling saw blades that were later added to the opening credits.

Twin Peak's Sheriff's Office

The Lumber Company Office/Twin Peaks Sheriff Department is now the Dirt Fish Rally school. They use a lot of the lumber mill property as a race track now. The area is full of “no trespassing” signs, but we got permission to take pictures from the parking lot. Apparently the area is under video surveillance because too many people were trying to sneak in.

Snoqualmie Washington, Twin Peaks

And a picture of Snoqualmie Falls, a bit hidden though. The fog in the area while I was there was so thick that not much of the falls could actually be seen. This is located at the Salish Lodge and Spa, which was the Great Northern Hotel in the show. Several scenes were filmed inside and outside of the lodge here.

There are a ton of other locations nearby that were used in the show. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to visit them all, but next trip that way I’ll make it a point to stop by some more!

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