22nd Jun 2017
Ship Thomas Perkins

Oregon (Thomas H. Perkins) – 1841-1845

Oregon 1841-1845 The Oregon has one of the most frustratingly tantalizing and obscure history of all the ships here. It’s pre and post life in the US Navy is almost...

03rd Jan 2015
Sharksville, Oregon

Sharksville, Oregon, or a place to stay dry

Name: Sharksville, Oregon Class: A8 GPS: 46.179546, -123.906167 (approximate) Directions: Located at what is now Astoria’s docks near Pier 3. Description: Sharksville was named after the USS Shark, one of...

22nd Mar 2014

Fort Astoria (Fort George) Oregon

Fort Astoria (Fort George) This is claimed to be the original location of Fort Astoria. In modern Astoria it is at the corner of 15th and Exchange. The building the...

03rd Sep 2012

Fort Vancouver, End of the Oregon Trail

Fort Vancouver, End of the Oregon Trail In all of the Pacific Northwest, I can not think of a single site that has a more distinguished and important role in...