Oregon Sunstones Macros, September 22,2008

Oregon Sunstones Macros

Today I have macro pictures of four different sunstones. These were all mined by myself near Plush Oregon in the gorgeous Oregon High Desert in the public collection area.

1.95 Carat Oregon Sunstones

Oregon Sunstones are a clear feldspar created in basalt heavy lava flows, although I have seen them in non-basalt areas. By far the most common color is yellow, but orange/red tinted with schiller (tiny copper flakes as seen below) is fairly rare, and green is the most coveted. Rarest of all though are blue/purples from the Ponderosa Sunstone Mine.

Oval Oregon Sunstones, 2.55 carats, 11x7.5mm

Oval Oregon Sunstone, 2.55 carats, 11×7.5mm

The Sunstone was Oregon’s state gem on August 4th, 1987. In theory these should be available anywhere in the world where basalt formations are found. But instead they are limited only a few places in the world, Norway, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Virginia, and Utah.

5.45 Carats, 12mm Round, red Oregon Sunstone

5.45 Carats, 12mm Round, red Oregon Sunstone

The Gemological Institute of America talks in depth about Oregon Sunstones, and where they can be found in state. Most interesting to note is how different locations have different yields on colored stones.

1.30 Carat Oregon Sunstone, 7mm Round

1.30 carat, 7mm Oregon Sunstone

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