Interstate 5 – Roadside Stops

Interstate 5 – Roadside Stops

There are a ton of rest stops along I-5, so if you just need bathroom breaks you’re good. But what if you want to enjoy the drive and see the sites? Conventional wisdom has always been that Interstate highways bypassed a lot of towns, and the attractions and services they contained. This unfortunately true, so it is up to the intrepid traveler to find these places themselves.

Here are a list of things to do along I-5 that only take a short detour. (Under five miles unless noted)

In Washington

Mima Mounds
– Mt. St. Helens (medium detour)
Fort Vancouver, Officer’s Row and Pearson Air Museum.

In Oregon

– Portland, Lots to do in Portland. Hit up Salt and Straw Ice Cream. Hit up any of the 500+ food carts. Go to OMSI, the History Museum, the Art Museum, the 24hr Church of Elvis, Rose Gardens, Japanese Gardens, Chinese Gardens
– Go to Champoeg, where the Oregon Territory became a state
– Oregon Gardens near Salem
– Mission Mill in Salem
– Wine Tasting in or around Salem
– State Capital Building
– Enchanted Forest just south of Salem
Living Rock Museum in Brownsville –
– Ghost town of Golden Oregon
– Ghost town of Buncom Oregon –
– Ashland (good food/hotels)

In California

– You’ll be driving up the sides of Mt. Shasta. There are several great stops through there, just pull off the road randomly.
– Weed California
– Dunsmuir California is highly recommended
– Olive Tasting in Corning, California

No doubt there are hundred other great stops along I-5 – please share your favorite ones, along with the Exit Number (if known) in the comments below.

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