Holden Village, a chuch’s Ghost Town

Name: Holden
Class: F1
GPS:48.199389, -120.774043

Directions: See below

Holden was named for James Henry Holden who discovered ore deposits here in 1896. The area is so remote though that mining didn’t begin until 1929. The town started growing in 1937 when a sawmill was erected and used to build the town.

The town remained a self supporting remote town all the way through WWII. In 1957 mining ceased and the town was put up for sale for $100,000. No one purchased it, so it was transferred to the Lutheran Bible Institute for one dollar in 1960.

Since then the town has become a retreat center and hosts thousands of guests each year. Visitors to the town must stay the night as travel to the town is still complicated. The first leg is forty three mile, three and a half hour boat trip on Lake Chelan from Chelan to Lucerne. From there an eleven mile bus trip takes you up 2100 feet to the town. [zotpressInText item=”VB558W5D” format=”%num%”]

Reservations for more information can be found on the Holden Village website.


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