Ghost town of Wolf Creek Oregon

Do you know anything about this town? Have you ever lived here? Please leave your recollections in the comments below!

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  • Wolf creek still exists and has two gas stations, a 24 hour store, a county park, and a lot of residents. What classifies as a ghost town ? It is right along interstate five! Even Shedd Oregon. It’s along hwy 99 and is still there.

    • Hello Dawn, thank you for stopping by. There is an entire classification system that those of us who hunt for ghost towns use to identify locations. You can see the list here.

  • I live in Wolf Creek, it does have a couple historical sites, but the town itself is doing fine, the post office is still open, the stores are open with two gas stations, a truck stop and restaurant, several other stores are also here including a grower’s supply store, a clothing and collectibles shop, a school (Sunny Wolf Charter School), and a healthy population in and around the town, so please explain exactly what qualifies it as a ghost town. Seven miles out Coyote Creek road from Wolf Creek is the town of Golden, this is really a ghost town, Wolf Creek isn’t in any way qualified as a ghost town.

    • I also went over your classifications, and Wolf Creek doesn’t fit any of them, they are also rather silly, whoever put together those classifications doesn’t really have any idea what the meaning of ghost town really is.

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