Ghost town of No Fog Oregon

Do you know anything about this town? Have you ever lived here? Please leave your recollections in the comments below!

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  • I was just thinking of this place, I used to go there as a kid 30 years ago.

    • Thank you for stopping by Jim, I haven’t had a chance to do much research on this town yet. Do you know much about it?

      • Last heard that its all gone. Douglas County library has a little info.

  • I was told a few years ago that No Fog was the Chinese community ( one of them ) that dug the Chinaman’s Ditch to Myrtle Creek. The fella that told me was the author of a book about old Oregon schools ( or grave yards, not sure which at the moment ).

  • Was there in the early 70’s as a small child. A few collapsed cabins and maybe a few grave sites. Debrish, old wood stove and house hold items. Last heard the the Forest Service bulldozed the site a decade or more ago. Wish I could find the picture or two I had from 72 or 73 when I was there.

    • Do you remember where exactly? I live close by and am very interested in the history. Do you remember the location of the county park that was near there before the cavitt creek park is where it is today?

      • I found the coordinates of the No Fog Post Office: 43.16373,-123.02756

  • found an abandoned house from what the news papers said was time around 1940s it was built not far from no fog like 5 miles as a bird flys there are still artifacts in this house cloths old news papers beds suitcases tables counters an iorning board its all there still standing and went inside found a check book with the name Crystal F Curl havent found a social media of this person or anything have looked for a couple months now

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