Ghost Town of Nagrom Washington

Do you know anything about this town? Have you ever lived here? Please leave your recollections in the comments below!

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  • I lived in Nagrom in December of 1927. I would be interested in learning more and sharing what I know, but hesitate to communicate blindly. Who are you and what is your interest in Nagrom, Washington?

    • Sir, my family members lived in Nagrom, there last name was Rainey, my grandmother was a Rainey and married a Grover West.

  • My father’s father was a logger who worked in the lumber mills in Hobart and Selleck during the time you lived in Nagrom. All being logging towns I wonder if you knew him – hIs name was Albert Ross Jones and his wife’s name was Edna.

  • My grandparents worked on the railroad in Nagrom. I heard of Nagrom when I saw it listed on my grandmother’s naturalization papers when she became a citizen. Would love to hear more about the town.

  • my aunt and uncle, roscoe and ellen rainey in about 1957or so were the only family who lived there with their two kids. In about 1956, I took the train from Auburn to visit. ellen was also the lester police officer. most of the rainey famliy lived in buckley,wa.

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