Ghost town of Jacktown Oregon

Do you know anything about this town? Have you ever lived here? Please leave your recollections in the comments below!

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  • I live close – in Sherwood. But I know nothing about it. Gonna do some digging.

  • It is a pretty spread out farming community. Lots of acreage, homes are well kept, some new, expensive ones, here and there. The folks there keep an eye out for visitors. The one residence that I visited had three generations represented and were very friendly and accommodating. I was sent there to locate some underground utilities (for USIC).
    (It is suspected that I was dispatched there, since my name is Jack and this area is outside of my jurisdiction)

  • Henry Jack, born 1880 toM/M Calvin Jack, at Farmington. Town was named after the pioneer Jack family, which came to Oregon in 1863.

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