Ghost town of Canary Oregon

Do you know anything about this town? Have you ever lived here? Please leave your recollections in the comments below!

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  • I can’t seem to find anything on the little town where I grew up. Canary, Oregon.

    • Nor can I! Do you have any memories about the town you can share?

      • Billy Libby’s mom had the grocery store. Rindfliesch”s,Little’,Hass’s, Cook’s Osgood’, Morning all related lived there. All over Canary. Now someone buildst a funny building where the store was. Mill is gone. Used to climb the mountain across from the store everyday. Knew where all the animals lived. Had sivvycats under the bathtub. I fed them food I did not like from dinner. To them .They never sprayed. Used to build forts from wood from mill. Know lots more. Lucia (Rindfliesch) Little. Sure loved Alberta’s daliha’s cannot grow them here in california. Not like in Canary . Sometimes Alberta would get fabric in the store Lucille Rindflesch and Gertrude (Cook) Morning would be the there when she unwrapped the package
        54 different fabrics 4 yards each. Alberta would let them pick the fabrics first before anyone else. They also sewed for Alberta she was to busy with
        The store to see herself. They made dresses she wore to work. Also made clothes for Sherry. One year it rained so hard all the rocks ran all down from the mountain . Covered our entire area but did not cross the street to the store.

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