Broadbent, Oregon

Name: Broadbent
Class: Unknown
GPS:43.0089985, -124.1464913
Broadbent was named for C.E. Broadbent who built a cheese factory in the area. The post office was established in 1916.

According to History of Oregon, Volume One by Charles Henry Carey, Harry A Luttrell died of Broncho Pneumonia while serving in the US Army during World War I.

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  • We moved to Broadbent from Bandon November 1967. Road the bus into Myrtle Point for school. The Broadbent bridge collapsed about 1969 when a dump truck drove over it. The school bus had crossed an hour before the truck.

    • Yes! That was a brand-new bridge that the powers that be in Salem decided we needed – the old one had been there my entire life (born in 1948) and never had a problem. It was narrow, plank- wrought-iron. The truck driver stopped to check out the flood waters which were lapping at the bridge floor.

  • It still existed in the 50’s, had a store & post office then. Located between Myrtle Point & Powers.

    • LOL – it still exists now 🙂 I was born in MP (1948) and lived in Broadbent until 1966 – last time I was home was 2002 – sure hadn’t changed much! The Groc store across the RR tracks is gone – the Post Office has moved down near the old school – they still have the Broadbent Mercantile on the east side of the hiway by the church. 5 mi from MP – 16 mi from Powers. It will always be “home” to me, even tho I now live in MO.

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