Broadbent, Oregon

Name: Broadbent
Class: Unknown
GPS:43.0089985, -124.1464913
Broadbent was named for C.E. Broadbent who built a cheese factory in the area. The post office was established in 1916.

According to History of Oregon, Volume One by Charles Henry Carey, Harry A Luttrell died of Broncho Pneumonia while serving in the US Army during World War I.

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  • We moved to Broadbent from Bandon November 1967. Road the bus into Myrtle Point for school. The Broadbent bridge collapsed about 1969 when a dump truck drove over it. The school bus had crossed an hour before the truck.

    • Yes! That was a brand-new bridge that the powers that be in Salem decided we needed – the old one had been there my entire life (born in 1948) and never had a problem. It was narrow, plank- wrought-iron. The truck driver stopped to check out the flood waters which were lapping at the bridge floor.

  • It still existed in the 50’s, had a store & post office then. Located between Myrtle Point & Powers.

    • LOL – it still exists now 🙂 I was born in MP (1948) and lived in Broadbent until 1966 – last time I was home was 2002 – sure hadn’t changed much! The Groc store across the RR tracks is gone – the Post Office has moved down near the old school – they still have the Broadbent Mercantile on the east side of the hiway by the church. 5 mi from MP – 16 mi from Powers. It will always be “home” to me, even tho I now live in MO.

  • The deceased as a result from this accident was my father; Vance Deckmar Nelson. He was an employee of Coos County at the time. He was proud veteran, husband, father, son, and christian. This tragic event left a very young and naïve mother alone to raise 4 children; which I must say she did an OUTSTANDING job of. Our mother (His Wife) is still with us and doing quite well for herself. However, My current career of 30 years has taught me how to investigate matters both criminal and non-criminal. This incident stinks to high heaven of a COVER-UP. Thus far, I have been able to determine that my father drove across this bridge to get to a job site at the DIRECTION of his County employee supervisor. Allegedly, my father had indicated at the time that he felt he was too heavy, but was told by this supervisor to disregard his concerns and take the bridge route to the job site anyways. My mother was pretty much abandoned by the County. They seemed to want to “Quickly” wash their hands of the incident. As far as the chicken shit supervisor that gave my father the direction… Well, he was apparently nowhere to be found.

    Clearly, that was a bad idea. It DOES appear in my families man travels to the town, cemetery, bridge, records offices etc that county officials do not wish to discuss the matter. Granted, there is a serious lack of witnesses that we can speak to nowadays. I have placed a “Records Request” through the Sheriff’s Office for any further details. Is there anyone out there that would hopefully read this forum that can shed some light ?

    How about it COOS County, Want to give a statement ?

  • The Broadbent Bridge collapsed on May 26th, 1967 between the hours of 2:00pm and 3:00pm. As a result of this incident, My siblings and I lost our beloved father and my mother lost the love of her life; Vance Deckmar Nelson. My name is Michael Nelson and I am the youngest 4 children of Vance Deckmar Nelson. My mother, his wife as follows: Shirley R. – Children: Debi , Tanya, Steven and I . I would like to point out that my mother Shirley is still with us and doing quite well for herself. This incident took our father and turned our mother into a young and naïve widow. She had no idea where to go from there or where to turn for guidance, information, or advocacy. But make no mistake, It turned this young widow into a strong willed woman.

    Over the past 30 years, my chosen career has taught me proper and thorough investigations. As my siblings and I have aged, many questions have come to ight in regards to this incident. Over the past few years my family has traveled to the area to seek information and answers to questions regarding the incident. Strangely enough, nobody from that era seems to want to discuss the matter. The few that we have been able to interview have provided some information that I as an investigator find concerning. I must say, the conspiracy theorist in me smells a cover-up.

    * My father worked for COOS COUNTY. On that day, he was driving a dump truck in performance of his work related duties. I have been able to develop information that his supervisor that day (According to a witness) TOLD my father to take his load across the bridge to “save time” as it was getting close to “quitting time” and the county was traying to avoid paying overtime.

    * Allegedly, my father voiced his concern to this supervisor but was told to follow the directions given.

    * I have been unable to locate the inspection date for the Broadbent Bridge for that time period. It “APPEARS” that the bridge “MAY” have been overdue for an inspection on the date of the accident.

    If anyone out there reading this forum knows anyone that may have information regarding this incident that could legitimize my families concerns, questions, feel free to email me at :
    [email protected]

    Thank You

    Mike Nelson

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