Telford Washington, Central Washington Agricultural Ghost Town

Name: Telford Class: H2 GPS: 47.694141, -118.407965 Directions: Head west along US Highway 2 from Davenport Washington. At 13 miles take a left on to Telford Road. The town was...

02nd Jun 2015
Oregon Flag

Egan, Oregon’s oldest Ghost Town

Name: Egan Class: G2 GPS: 43.569319, -119.076989 (best guess, see below) Directions: Depending on the source the town is described as “two miles south of Burns,” “brushing shoulders with Hines,”...

30th May 2015
Ghost Towns of Washington

Farmer Washington

Name: Farmer Class: C2 GPS: 47.612752, -119.813885 Directions: From Wenatchee head north along US Route 2 which parallels the Columbia River. At the town of Orondo Route 2 takes a...

Wisdom Washington and the Homestead Cemetery

Name: Windom (Lewis County) Class: A1 GPS: 46.412606, -122.638418 Directions: Only accessible during hunting season when Weyerhaeuser opens the roads to the public. The exact location of the “town” is...

Ghost Town of Hite Washington

Name: Hite Class: A2 GPS: 47.664381, -117.778262 Directions: Hite is about about six miles west of Fairchild Air Force Base. Head west along Highway US-2. Take a right onto S...

Mondovi Washington

Name: Mondovi Class: H2 GPS: 47.680481, -118.016129 Directions: From Davenport Washington, head East on Highway 2 for 6.5 miles. Take a left on Bennett Road for a mile. At the...

Socialist Colony of Glennis Washington

Name: Glennis Class: A5 GPS: Unknown Directions: Two different resources have different locations for this one. Trying Home by Justin Wadland says that it’s location was twenty seven miles outside...

Hornitos California

Name: Hornitos Class: D1 GPS: 37.502634, -120.238241 Directions: From Modesto California, head south on Highway 99. At 7.8 miles take Exit 218 and turn left on Keyes Road. Follow for...

03rd Jan 2015
Simnasho, Oregon

Simnasho, Oregon

Name: Simnasho Class: GPS: 44.9713493,-121.3504175 Directions: On the Warm Springs Reservation Description: Please comment below if you know anything about this town Bibliography;

03rd Jan 2015
Sharksville, Oregon

Sharksville, Oregon, or a place to stay dry

Name: Sharksville, Oregon Class: A8 GPS: 46.179546, -123.906167 (approximate) Directions: Located at what is now Astoria’s docks near Pier 3. Description: Sharksville was named after the USS Shark, one of...

27th Dec 2014
Cherryville Oregon

Cherryville Oregon

Name: Cherryville Class: Unknown GPS: 45.3670643, -122.1550842 Directions: From Sandy, Oregon, drive East on Highway 26 for six miles. East Cherryville Drive is on the left. The Post Office was...

27th Dec 2014
Ghost Town of Tampico Oregon

Ghost Town of Tampico Oregon

Lewis McArthur doesn’t even list this town in Oregon Geographic Names! The coordinates for the Post Office have it just North West of Camp Adair. If you know anything about...