Egan, Oregon’s oldest Ghost Town

Name: Egan
Class: G2
GPS: 43.569319, -119.076989 (best guess, see below)

Depending on the source the town is described as “two miles south of Burns,” “brushing shoulders with Hines,” and “two and a half miles southwest of Burn,”

Egan was already a ghost town by the time many of the cities on this site were even built. It’s also relatively unknown and hard to find much information about – at all. The town was not named after a hostile Paiute Indian Chief who was known for attacking what is now La Grande in 1878.

In fact it was named after a local settler who opened a tavern here. Egan’s Tavern operated for only a few years before it was closed and Egan moved on to another of Oregon’s Ghost Towns. The only photo we have of the town is a single picture of four men around a card table being watched by seven other men.


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