Grandview Oregon Cemetery

Grandview Oregon Cemetery

The Grandview Cemetery/Geneva Cemetery in central Oregon, east of the southern end of Lake Billy Chinook, seems to have served both the two closest (ghost) towns; Grandview and Geneva. This cemetery is the only real remnants of either town.

So much empty land in the area allowed the cemetery to be quite sizable for future “growth”. Grandiose plans for both towns and the surrounding region, bolstered by rumors and plans by the US Government to build canals from the Deschutes and Columbia Rivers fueled them. Alas, recession, World War I and then the Great Depression finally dashed most of those dreams for either of these towns to grow huge.

Despite that, the cemetery is still in use with recent burials from 2016.

Once over the lake and through the small town of Chinook, the roads here are solid dirt. I can see them being near impassible during the winter or after a heavy rain. So if you plan to visit, plan accordingly.


Burt Akins – Born: 1880, Died: 1949
Clifford C. Akins – Born: 18 Mar 1916, Died: 21 May 1991
Grace F. Akins – Born: 24 Jul 1923, Died: 15 Sep 2006
Edith Campbell – Born: 1939, Died: 2002
Baby Chenoweth – Born: Not Available, Died: Not Available
Cayla Rene Cole – Born: 15 Aug 1997, Died: 23 Oct 2016
Clifford L Cole – Born: 4 Sep 1926, Died: Not Available
Mark A Cole – Born: 25 Apr 1961, Died: Not Available
Mary Cole (Cropley) – Born: 26 Jan 1934, Died: Not Available
Tina R Cole (East) – Born: 18 Nov 1964, Died: Not Available
Douglas H Cropley – Born: 1935, Died: Not Available
Hope Nance Cropley – Born: 5 Sep 1917, Died: 8 Feb 2017
Jack J Cropley – Born: 23 Dec 1932, Died: 12 May 2011
Jean W Cropley (Harrington) – Born: 15 Mar 1937, Died: Not Available
John A Cropley – Born: 1902, Died: 1967
Sandra J Cropley (Spidal) – Born: 1941, Died: 2010
Deaner – Born: Not Available, Died: Not Available
Daryl J East – Born: 11 Apr 1940, Died: 10 Sep 2016
Sandra A East (Dauven) – Born: 13 May 1944, Died: 10 Aug 2011
Louise Glover – Born: 1921, Died: 1923
Frank Gurber – Born: Not Available, Died: Not Available
Charlotte Hook (Cropley) – Born: 7 Jan 1937, Died: 8 Jan 2010
William C Hook – Born: 17 Dec 1936, Died: Not Available
New Issach – Born: 30 Apr 1891, Died: 1916
Glenn N Lee – Born: 1917, Died: 2000
H. Keith McDonald – Born: 2 Aug 1917, Died: 1 Oct 1996
Pearl L. ‘Bug’ Mcdonald (Nance) – Born: 24 Apr 1919, Died: 11 Nov 1998
Albert S. ‘Red’ Nance – Born: Not Available, Died: 25 Aug 1922
Alonza Lee Zonie Nance – Born: 1890, Died: 1973
Frances Nance (Brown) – Born: 14 Apr 1927, Died: Not Available

Bridal Veil Cemetery

Bridal Veil Cemetery

This cemetery served the nearby town of Bridal Veil, effectively now a ghost town itself. Bridal Veil Cemetery Marker

The cemetery is located between where the mill was and the actual town itself. Finding the cemetery isn’t that hard, but the road to it isn’t immediately obvious. Take the Bridal Veil Exit off I-84. Past the Church there are three driveways. The second one is a bit hidden but it leads to a small two car parking lot at the upper end of the cemetery.

Among the people buried here is Mattie Shepperd, wife of George Shepperd. Nearby Shepperd’s Dell was named after him. After the death of Mattie he became an ardent supporter of Samuel Lancaster’s proposed Columbia River Highway and left land to the public. The Wyeast Blog covers the story in depth, and is a great blog to read in general if you’re into the history of the Columbia River Gorge in general.


Note – the below names are only the ones with visible markers. The Oregon Burial Site Guide says there are at least 57 graves here. If anyone can add names to this list, please comment below.

Jessie O Amend – Born: 15 Jul 1889, Died: 5 Nov 1894
Mary D. Beatty – Born: 29 Oct 1911, Died: 7 Nov 1911
Carrie Boddy – Born: 23 Oct 1861, Died: 27 Apr 1903
Norman E. Brown – Born: 1899, Died: 1906
Nick Churich – Born: 19 Apr 1921, Died: 23 Apr 1921
Gotfried Franzen – Born: 13 Nov 1866, Died: 9 Sep 1913
Sarah Heckart – Born: 18 Feb 1861, Died: 11 Apr 1914
William Horton – Born: 29 Nov 1814, Died: 18 May 1899
Albert F. Jones – Born: 1851, Died: 1925
Mary Jones – Born: 1856, Died: Not Available
Bradley J. Kaer – Born: Not Available, Died: 19 Mar 1934
Nels B. D. Kaer – Born: 12 Feb 1869, Died: 23 Apr 1914
August Luscher – Born: 18 Aug 1887, Died: 7 Dec 1894
Frede Luscher – Born: 27 Nov 1892, Died: 13 Dec 1894
Julie Luscher – Born: 1889, Died: 1894
James McKee – Born: 1890, Died: 1918
Maggie R. Milvihill – Born: 17 Aug 1872, Died: 27 Sep 1905
Willie Proctor – Born: 2 Nov 1862, Died: 31 Jul 1901
Mattie M. Shepperd – Born: Not Available, Died: 21 Jan 1903
Arthur A. Smith – Born: 1880, Died: 1908
Chris Trana – Born: 9 May 1879, Died: 2 Jun 1904

Pounder Cemetery Corbett Oregon

Pounder Cemetery Corbett Oregon

The Pounder Cemetery is just outside of Corbett Oregon at 377-55 NE Littlepage Rd. about 50 feet down an unmarked dirt road. This is a little known cemetery – so little known that even the owner is unknown. In the 1990s it had cattle roaming in it and was maintained by a local farmer.

When I visited recently the grass was slightly overgrown but obviously maintained. I am not able to find any history on the cemetery. As there are no Pounder family members buried here, I’m assuming it was named after nearby Pounder Creek. But, it may have been called Sunset at one time.

If you know anything about the Pounder Cemetery (Or Sunset Cemetery,) please comment below.


Billy K. Bayley – Born: 1944, Died: 1987
Oren W. Black – Born: 1866, Died: 1928
Robert R. Burkholder – Born: 12 Jan 1914, Died: 24 Jul 1914
Minnie E Caudlitz (Salzman) – Born: 1858, Died: 1928
Albert B. Fox – Born: 1888, Died: 1956
Eva M. Fox – Born: 1892, Died: 1954
Baby Boy Knieriem – Born: 22 Sep 1914, Died: 22 Sep 1914
Edith M. Knieriem – Born: 16 Apr 1882, Died: 6 Jun 1927
Etta M. Knieriem – Born: 23 Apr 1921, Died: 3 May 1921
Francis H. Knieriem – Born: 7 Dec 1875, Died: 12 Dec 1963
George T. Knieriem – Born: 6 Jun 1927, Died: 9 Jun 1927
Otto E. Knieriem – Born: 23 Jan 1905, Died: 1 Aug 1915
Viola P Knieriem – Born: 19 Jun 1912, Died: 25 Apr 1925
William G. Knieriem – Born: 27 Dec 1909, Died: 2 Jul 1923
Harris S Pulliam – Born: 1874, Died: 1919
Baby Reed – Born: 14 Dec 1928, Died: 14 Dec 1928
Clifford H Reed – Born: 1902, Died: 1966
E Marguerite Reed – Born: 1906, Died: 1996
Ruth Ann Reed – Born: 1947, Died: 1951
Charles J. Salzman – Born: 1841, Died: 1916

Wildcat Covered Bridge (Wild Cat Covered Bridge)- Lane County, Oregon

Wildcat Covered Bridge

Wildcat Covered Bridge, Lane County, Oregon

I thought I had visited every covered bridge in Oregon. Until a chance glance over the side of the road while driving Highway 126 attracted my eye to this beauty. Weirdly, everything in writing says this is the Wildcat Covered Bridge. But the sign on the bridge is definitely Wild Cat with the space between.

Wildcat Covered Bridge - Circa 1970s

The Wildcat Covered Bridge – Circa 1970s before Lane County took over maintenance

The ghost town of Austa was located where the Austa Landing County Park is now. In the 60s it was listed as two miles east of another ghost town, Linslaw. The road North West of the bridge is Stagecoach Road part of the original coastal route until it was bypassed in the 1930s.

Interestingly, I can not find any record of a previous bridge here. It’s possible there wasn’t one if the original road stayed on the north side of the Siuslaw River. It’s also possible that the large exposed bedrock here helped to provide an easy fording of the river by wagons and horses.

Wildcat Covered Bridge Howe Truss

View of the Howe Truss engineering system. And the tin roof

Either way, this bridge was built in 1925. It was one of Lane County’s multiple bridge projects as they County was working on “modernizing” their infrastructure. Like most of the bridge built during that time, it uses the Howe truss engineering system. And the bottom chords were one each one piece of 16″x16″x113 timber. No doubt they were cut off old growth logs that provided massive amounts of straight. Unlike several other covered bridges, these original timbers appear to never have been replaced.

Wildcat Creek (a.k.a. Austa) bridge - 1965

Photo from 1965 taken by Glenn Gilbert Groff

One of the most interesting things about the Wildcat Covered Bridge is the 18 foot by 3 foot window on the south west side. This provides a view of oncoming traffic on the bridge, not just light. This is a unique feature of most of Lane Counties’ Bridges, the rest either have full windows on each side or none at all.

Wildcat Covered Bridge Side View

Lane County rebuilt many of these dilapidated covered bridges in the 1990s. Wildcat Covered Bridge was among those needing service as evidenced by the 1970s photo above.

The program is currently discontinued, but Lane County Parks minted several coins to commemorate various Covered Bridges in 2005-2012. The profits from this program was meant to raise funds to to fix up the three covered bridges that are not eligible for highway funds do to the fact that they’re closed to traffic. Those three bridges are the Lowell, Currin, and Stewart Covered Bridges. Wildcat bridge was among the last of those commemorated by these coins.

Wildcat Covered Bridge, North Side

North end of the Wildcat Covered Bridge


Drive east along Highway 126 from Eugene to Florence. At 33 miles, take a left on Sisulaw Road. There will be a sign to Whitaker Creek/Clay Creek Recreation Area. Follow the Sisulaw Road to the right, where it will pass under the highway. There is parking on the far side of the bridge, and Austa Landing County Park will be on the right. The boat landing itself appears to be a large flat rock area on the left side. There is a great view of the bridge from here.