Military Bases and Forts

Military Bases and Forts*

*Actually anything military related that is in the Pacific Northwest. Including Naval bases and ships. This list is by far not complete! Please leave comments below if you have anything you’d like to include!

Military Bases and Forts

British Columbia

California (Northern)

Camp Bidwell (Northeastern Corner of stated near Nevada)

Fort Miner

USS Hornet Museum



Fort McDermitt


Camp Currey (misspelled Curry, 45 miles NW of Fort Harney at a year round spring near the banks of Silver Creek.)

Camp Logan (east of Canyon City near Strawberry Butte)

Camp Lyon (located near Sheaville, later renamed to Camp Three Forks)

Camp Warner (Site was moved near Crook’s Peak, west of Warner Lake)

Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum

Fort Astoria (Fort George)

Fort Dalles

Fort Harney (originally Camp Steele, named after General G. Steele)

Fort Heniretta

Fort Hoskins

Fort Klamath

Fort Leland

Fort Stevens

Fort William (Sauvie Island)

Fort Yamhill

Fort Yamhill Block House (current location)

The Dalles to Canyon City Wagon Road

Old Camp Alvord (near Andrews)

Old Camp C.F. Smith, on White Horse Creek, north of Quinn River Mountain

Old Camp Watson and Camp Lincoln (located at headwaters of the John Day River)



Fort Vancouver (End of the Oregon Trail)

Unknown PT Boat Wreck

USS Turner Joy



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  • There are some neat old WWII bunkers along the trail from Seaside through Cannon Beach at Indian point.

    • I knew about those, but haven’t been able to get up there yet. There are several more along the coast if you know where to look. They were all built as part of the Coast Patrol’s defenses during the war.

    • I believe you are referring to the WWII radar station on top of Bald Mtn in Ecola State Park.

  • Baker Air Force Station – A radar site located in (Cantonment Area) and near (Beaver Mountain) Baker Oregon. Established 1959 Closed 1968.

  • Don’t forget the radar (Reagan era) east of Christmas Valley. Or Camp Withycombe in Clackamas. Or the old National Guard Armory in NW Portland.

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