Mondovi Washington

Name: Mondovi
Class: H2
GPS: 47.680481, -118.016129
Directions: From Davenport Washington, head East on Highway 2 for 6.5 miles. Take a left on Bennett Road for a mile. At the “T” take a let on to Sunset Highway East. At 0.3 miles, take the next right onto Mondovi Road. At about half a mile you will cross train tracks and see the grain silos on the left. Mondovi was here.

Other then the fact that the town was a stop on the Central Washington Railway, I can find no information at all.

If you know anything at all about Mondovi, such as the origin of the name, please comment below! Thank you!


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  • Mondovi, Washington was settled by pioneers who came from Mondovi, Wisconsin in the 1870’s. Mondovi, Wisconsin received its name after Elihu Gifford read in a newspaper an historical account of Napoleon’s victory over the Italians at Mondovi and suggested to his fellow townspeople that Mondovi would be a nice name for their new community. Later in the 1870’s, Gifford led a wagon train from Mondovi, Wisconsin out to Washington and founded Mondovi, Washington.

    • Dear Mr. Mikelson, I came across your post while making some research about Mondovi, Wa.
      I live in Italy and I was born in the “original” town of Mondovi, (northern Italy). I happened to live in the vicinity of Seattle in 1972 and 1980 and having discovered the existence of Mondovi in eastern Washington I visited the place in these years. My last trip there was in 2009, while in a vacation trip from Seattle to the Yellowstone Park. I was amazed to see how well the hamlet has not only survived but improved over the years. I always wandered about the origin of its name and I was almost sure of a connection with Napoleon battles, but I would never have imagined that the link came trough Mondovi, Wi. Thank you for your explanation.

  • I live near the town of Mondovi, Washington and have a good friend who has a ton of local history. My family has lived in the Mondovi area for 5 generations. And just a side note, the road you turn in from the Old Sunset Highway is Mondovi Rd, not Monrovia Rd. Just a little correction.

    • Thanks for stopping by Johanna! I’ve corrected the road name 🙂

  • I have lived in Mondovi for 10 years and don’t know very much about it, other than it used to be a town.

  • Joanna is there anyway you could get me in touch with your friend that knows a lot of the local history I had some questions concerning a property there. Thank you

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