Mondovi Washington

Name: Mondovi
Class: H2
GPS: 47.680481, -118.016129
Directions: From Davenport Washington, head East on Highway 2 for 6.5 miles. Take a left on Bennett Road for a mile. At the “T” take a let on to Sunset Highway East. At 0.3 miles, take the next right onto Mondovi Road. At about half a mile you will cross train tracks and see the grain silos on the left. Mondovi was here.

Other then the fact that the town was a stop on the Central Washington Railway, I can find no information at all.

If you know anything at all about Mondovi, such as the origin of the name, please comment below! Thank you!


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  • Mondovi, Washington was settled by pioneers who came from Mondovi, Wisconsin in the 1870’s. Mondovi, Wisconsin received its name after Elihu Gifford read in a newspaper an historical account of Napoleon’s victory over the Italians at Mondovi and suggested to his fellow townspeople that Mondovi would be a nice name for their new community. Later in the 1870’s, Gifford led a wagon train from Mondovi, Wisconsin out to Washington and founded Mondovi, Washington.

    • Dear Mr. Mikelson, I came across your post while making some research about Mondovi, Wa.
      I live in Italy and I was born in the “original” town of Mondovi, (northern Italy). I happened to live in the vicinity of Seattle in 1972 and 1980 and having discovered the existence of Mondovi in eastern Washington I visited the place in these years. My last trip there was in 2009, while in a vacation trip from Seattle to the Yellowstone Park. I was amazed to see how well the hamlet has not only survived but improved over the years. I always wandered about the origin of its name and I was almost sure of a connection with Napoleon battles, but I would never have imagined that the link came trough Mondovi, Wi. Thank you for your explanation.

  • I live near the town of Mondovi, Washington and have a good friend who has a ton of local history. My family has lived in the Mondovi area for 5 generations. And just a side note, the road you turn in from the Old Sunset Highway is Mondovi Rd, not Monrovia Rd. Just a little correction.

    • Thanks for stopping by Johanna! I’ve corrected the road name 🙂

    • Hi Johanna, I am doing research on my family that moved to the Mondovi area in the 1890’s and lived there through the 1940s. Please let me know if you would be willing to share information, I would be curios to find out if your relatives knew my relatives etc.

      Thanks Kevin K

  • I have lived in Mondovi for 10 years and don’t know very much about it, other than it used to be a town.

  • Joanna is there anyway you could get me in touch with your friend that knows a lot of the local history I had some questions concerning a property there. Thank you

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