Wisdom Washington and the Homestead Cemetery

Name: Windom (Lewis County)
Class: A1
GPS: 46.412606, -122.638418

Directions: Only accessible during hunting season when Weyerhaeuser opens the roads to the public. The exact location of the “town” is debatable, but it was likely about a mile north along Cedar near the Wisdom Mine where Cuts Road and Cedar Creek Road intersect.

Description: Nothing remains of Wisdom except for a small graveyard called “Homestead Cemetery” that contains two graves. The deceased are Sarah Marinth Withrow and Mira Cordelia McKinna.

Windom was likely named after the Windom mine and seems to have contained less then a dozen houses and farms. It is unclear how large of an operation the mine was, and if it’s workers considered themselves part of Windom or just went there for supplies.

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  • My family homesteaded near this location and the town was referred to as Windom. Windom is also the name of the voting precinct. So I’m questioning the reference to “Wisdom”. Could you provide the source for this variation? Thanks.

    • You are correct, this looks like my computer auto-corrected the name and I didn’t catch it. I’ve updated the post with the right name.

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