03rd Nov 2014
Ghost town of Butteville Oregon

Ghost town of Butteville Oregon (Butes, La Butte, Buteville, St. Alexcie)

Name: Butteville (Butes, La Butte, Buteville) Class: E4 GPS: 45.261984, -122.841268 Directions: From I-5 south take the first exit after Willsonville (Boonesville) towards Champoeg. Butteville is about three miles before...

11th Jan 2014
Donald Manson Barn

Ghost town of Champoeg Oregon (Encampment du Sable, Newellsville)

Name: Champoeg (Encampment du Sable) Class: G2 GPS: 45.255503, -122.900554 Directions: Champoeg (pronounced sham-POO-ee) is the birthplace of Oregon, and it can be argued the Western United States. It was...