17th Oct 2019
the Schuebel Cemetery from Beavercreek Road - Clackamas County, Oregon

Schuebel Cemetery in Clackamas County Oregon

Schuebel Cemetery in Clackamas County Oregon The Schuebel Cemetery was established in 1880 on an acre of land donated for the purpose by John Gard. There was an Evangelical Church...

13th Sep 2019
Irving, Ghost town in Eugene Oregon

Irving, Ghost town in Eugene Oregon

Irving, Ghost town in Eugene Oregon Once it’s own town, it was one of several small communities in what was known as the River Road Neighborhood. Now part of the...

02nd Sep 2019
Felix G Iman (about 1900)

Felix G. Iman – Stevenson Washington

Felix G. Iman – Stevenson Washington Traveling through Skamania County Recently, and stopping at the excellent Columbia Gorge Interpretive Center, revealed a number of interesting local history connections. One of...

15th Dec 2015
Uniontown Oregon (Jackson County)

Uniontown Oregon (Jackson County)

Name: Uniontown (Jackson County) Class: Unknown GPS: 42.1984581,-123.0442105 Directions: From Jacksonville head South West on Highway 238, at 7.7 miles take a left on Upper Applegate Road. The town site...

11th Jun 2015
Oregon Dude Ranches

Oregon Dude Ranches

History of Dude Ranches The Dude Ranch is an uniquely American phenomena that intersected two American Cultures and led indirectly to the development of the United States. Today they act...

02nd Jun 2015

Fort Rock Geological Formation

Fort Rock is one Oregon’s geologic treasures. Created between 50,000 to 100,000 years ago from lava venting into the muddy bottom of what is now called Fort Rock Lake. The...

Mondovi Washington

Name: Mondovi Class: H2 GPS: 47.680481, -118.016129 Directions: From Davenport Washington, head East on Highway 2 for 6.5 miles. Take a left on Bennett Road for a mile. At the...

27th Dec 2014
Cherryville Oregon

Cherryville Oregon

Name: Cherryville Class: Unknown GPS: 45.3670643, -122.1550842 Directions: From Sandy, Oregon, drive East on Highway 26 for six miles. East Cherryville Drive is on the left. The Post Office was...

01st Dec 2014
Collier Logging Museum

Collier Logging Museum at Collier Memorial State Park

I have probably passed the Collier Logging Museum at Collier Memorial State Park well over a hundred times in my life without ever stopping there. It was during a trip...

01st Dec 2014
John C. Fremont Cabin

Explorers and Pioneers in Southern Oregon

Back to Part One – Collier Logging Museum They managed to move several cabins from around the area to preserve them. According to their website, they have (or are in...

08th Jun 2014

Fort Stevens Oregon State Park

While Fort Stevens is among the more historic locations in Oregon, it’s actually relatively unknown to most of the United States. But one historically significant event happened there, and it...

30th May 2014

Starvation Creek, Waterfall and hiking trail

Starvation Creek Oregon’s Starvation Creek State Park is home to one of my favorite hiking trails in the Columbia River Gorge. It encompasses two pieces of local history, three waterfalls,...