Cherryville Oregon

Name: Cherryville
Class: Unknown
GPS: 45.3670643, -122.1550842
Directions: From Sandy, Oregon, drive East on Highway 26 for six miles. East Cherryville Drive is on the left. The Post Office was at this corner. The rest of the town was likely spread out along Cherryville Drive.


Oregon Geographic Names says it was named after the Cherry trees in the area.

Ralph Friedman says in his book “In Search of Western Oregon” – ‘Cherryville, genteel vacancy of the past. There may have been a flurry of wild cherries here once but they went out with the burg. In 1915 population was all of 50 and town had PS, Church, Commercial Club. Oregon State Immigration Agent, laboring to bring folks here, noted: “Water supply from mountain streams, always cool and pure.” Water still Good.” He then says the Cemetery dates to 1888 but appears older.

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