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Pacific Northwest Covered Bridges

The Pacific Northwest was once littered with Covered Bridges. Most are gone now, but some still exist

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Pet Friendly Travel options across the Pacific Northwest

Oregon Ghost Towns

My map of over 250 abandoned, ghost, and historic towns in Oregon

12th Jul 2009

Currin and Dorena Covered Bridges

Along the Row (which is short for Rowdy and pronounced accordingly) River just to the east of Cottage Grove are two covered bridges. There are actually seven bridges linked together...

12th Jul 2009

Grave Creek Covered Bridge

Grave Creek Covered Bridge There are 54 or 56 wooden Covered Bridges in Oregon still depending on what guide you read. This last week I had the opportunity to visit...

02nd Jun 2009

Sacagawea’s Statue

Sacagawea’s Statue Back in 1905, a mere one hundred years after Lewis and Clark walked, paddled, drifted, ran, hunted and rode their way across the Louisiana Purchase, Portland Oregon celebrated...

28th Apr 2009

Flying Bald Eagle

Yes, that is a Bald Eagle. Yes, this is Oregon. No, this is not some remote inaccessible part of Oregon that is an several hour drive from Portland and takes...

17th Feb 2009

Goodbye “Made in Oregon” sign

Goodbye “Made in Oregon” sign One of Portland’s most famous landmarks is slated to soon be destroyed. Ok, not exactly destroyed, but rather defaced in such a way that Civic...

19th Jan 2009

The Quintessential Portland Picture

This is the one picture of Portland you’ve seen a million times. It’s posted every where, it’s been used to advertise Portland since it’s birth in the 1850’s. Yes, it’s...

19th Nov 2008

Fort Stevens State Park, Oregon

Fort Stevens State Park is one of Oregon’s best parks. In addition to a camp ground, miles of bike trails and a lake, there is an Old WWII Fort to...

27th Sep 2008
Fort Rock, Oregon

Fort Rock, Oregon

Name: Fort Rock Class: E3 GPS: 43.356120, -121.053980 Directions: From Bend Oregon, drive south on Highway 97. At 31.2 miles, just south of LaPine, take a left on OR-31. Turn...

22nd Sep 2008

Oregon Sunstones Macros, September 22,2008

Oregon Sunstones Macros Today I have macro pictures of four different sunstones. These were all mined by myself near Plush Oregon in the gorgeous Oregon High Desert in the public...

03rd Sep 2008

How To: Gold Farming – Quartzville Creek, Oregon

How To: Gold Farming – Quartzville Creek, Oregon This last week I went real life Gold Farming in the Quartzville Creek area about 30 miles North East of Sweet Home,...

10th Aug 2008

Mt. Rainier

Mt. Rainier This is a picture of Mt. Rainier from the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium in Tacoma Washington using my telephoto and extension tube. It’s roughly 40 miles away...