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PNW Navy Ships

Navy ships named after Pacific Northwest locations, includes many historic and interesting ships

Pacific Northwest Covered Bridges

The Pacific Northwest was once littered with Covered Bridges. Most are gone now, but some still exist

Pet Friendly Travel

Pet Friendly Travel options across the Pacific Northwest

Oregon Ghost Towns

My map of over 250 abandoned, ghost, and historic towns in Oregon

13th Oct 2009

Agustus Fanno Farmhouse – Beaverton, Oregon

Agustus Fanno Farmhouse – Beaverton, Oregon The Agustus Fanno Farmhouse sits near Fanno Creek in Beaverton. The creek neatly bisects the cities of Beaveton, Tigard and Tualatin before it flows...

12th Oct 2009

Cottage Grove Museums

Cottage Grove Museums The city of Cottage Grove in the gorgeous Willamette Valley of Oregon is typical of the middle of Oregon. It’s a small, quiet, yet extremely historic town....

10th Sep 2009

King Kong Chained!

King Kong Chained! A cast iron gorilla statue on top of a building in NW Portland that says “Castiron Industries.” Note that it’s chained down due to the number of...

31st Aug 2009

Pacific Northwest Volcanos

Pacific Northwest Volcanos Each volcano on this list is on the US Geological Service’s list of ten most likely to erupt volcanos. Working from North to roughly south, each of...

24th Aug 2009

Shute Park, Hillsboro Oregon

Shute Park, Hillsboro Oregon Shute Park is located near the downtown Hillsboro area. It was purchased by the City of Hillsboro in 1906. Over the years since then it’s seen...

03rd Aug 2009

Abert Rim, Lake County, Oregon

Abert Rim, Lake County, Oregon Abert Rim is one of the most unique geological features within Oregon. First discovered by Lieutenant John Fremont (he of Fremont Forest fame,) on December...

27th Jul 2009

Mount St. Helens

May 18th, 1980, Mount St. Helens finally came through on it’s threats and erupted spectacularly, throwing ash 16,000 feet into the air. 23 square miles of material were moved, most...

12th Jul 2009

Currin and Dorena Covered Bridges

Along the Row (which is short for Rowdy and pronounced accordingly) River just to the east of Cottage Grove are two covered bridges. There are actually seven bridges linked together...

12th Jul 2009

Grave Creek Covered Bridge

Grave Creek Covered Bridge There are 54 or 56 wooden Covered Bridges in Oregon still depending on what guide you read. This last week I had the opportunity to visit...

02nd Jun 2009

Sacagawea’s Statue

Sacagawea’s Statue Back in 1905, a mere one hundred years after Lewis and Clark walked, paddled, drifted, ran, hunted and rode their way across the Louisiana Purchase, Portland Oregon celebrated...

28th Apr 2009

Flying Bald Eagle

Yes, that is a Bald Eagle. Yes, this is Oregon. No, this is not some remote inaccessible part of Oregon that is an several hour drive from Portland and takes...

17th Feb 2009

Goodbye “Made in Oregon” sign

Goodbye “Made in Oregon” sign One of Portland’s most famous landmarks is slated to soon be destroyed. Ok, not exactly destroyed, but rather defaced in such a way that Civic...