Hot Lake Hotel, LaGrande, Oregon

Hot Lake Hotel, LaGrande, Oregon

The Hot Lake Hotel in LaGrande Oregon has quite the history.

It was built in 1864 as a “Sanitarium” to take advantage of the hot springs for people with health problems. It’s passed through many hands and has had many uses over the years. In the past couple of years it’s seeing some major reconstruction and is even now starting to become a visitor attraction again.

But the hotel has another history, that of Ghosts and weird happenings.

Here is what the hotel looks like today. One wing burned down completely in 1934 and has been removed. The other is still looking pretty grand if a bit worn down.

This is a picture of the grounds. I believe that the collapsed house was that of Dr. W. T. Phy who bought the building in 1917 and made it into an extremely modern hospital with (at the time) the most state of art medical technology available.

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  • The collapsed structure is the old dairy barn for the property. They used to raise all their own meats and cheeses and of corse milk.

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