21st Jun 2011

Dodson, Oregon – Ghost Town in Columbia Gorge

Dodson, Oregon – Ghost Town in Columbia Gorge Dodson was never a very large town. It was a railway stop, although the actual station was physically moved several times. No...

20th Jun 2011

Bridal Veil, Oregon

Bridal Veil, Oregon Bridal Veil, Oregon was one of two towns built by the Bridal Veil Falls Lumbering Company to log Larch Mountain near Multnomah Falls in the Columbia River...

09th Nov 2010

Antelope, Oregon

Antelope, Oregon Antelope, Oregon is most famous for the attempted take over by the Rajneeshpuram in the 1980’s. The Big Muddy Ranch which served as their headquarters outside of town...

09th Nov 2010

Clarno, Oregon

Clarno, Oregon Yet another old Ghost Town. Sorry for the bad picture, it was taken from a moving bus. More information about Clarno is on my Google Earth File.

14th Oct 2010

Boyd, Oregon – Ghost Town

Boyd, Oregon – Ghost Town The ghost town of Boyd consists of about half a dozen houses, an old barn, and an old mill building. Two of the houses in...

06th Jan 2010

Farmington (Bridgeport) farming Ghost Town

Name: Farmington (Bridgeport) Class: H2 GPS: 45.449086, -122.947071 Directions: From Beaverton Oregon, drive West along Farmington Road/Highway 10. The town was just under 8 miles, before Farmington crosses the Tualatin...

10th Dec 2009

Kinton, Oregon

Name: Kinton Class: C2 GPS: 45.423365, -122.877821 Directions: In Portland, take the Scholls Ferry exit off of I-217. Head west for 5.3 miles. The Kinton School house will be on...