03rd Jan 2015
Sharksville, Oregon

Sharksville, Oregon, or a place to stay dry

Name: Sharksville, Oregon Class: A8 GPS: 46.179546, -123.906167 (approximate) Directions: Located at what is now Astoria’s docks near Pier 3. Description: Sharksville was named after the USS Shark, one of...

27th Dec 2014
Cherryville Oregon

Cherryville Oregon

Name: Cherryville Class: Unknown GPS: 45.3670643, -122.1550842 Directions: From Sandy, Oregon, drive East on Highway 26 for six miles. East Cherryville Drive is on the left. The Post Office was...

27th Dec 2014
Ghost Town of Tampico Oregon

Ghost Town of Tampico Oregon

Lewis McArthur doesn’t even list this town in Oregon Geographic Names! The coordinates for the Post Office have it just North West of Camp Adair. If you know anything about...

30th Nov 2014
Bear Flat, Oregon

Bear Flat, Oregon

Name: Bear Flat Class: A6 GPS: 43.1054133, -121.3808492 Directions: From Klamath Falls, Oregon drive north on Highway 97 44.8 miles. Turn right on to Silver Lake Road. At 34 miles...

03rd Nov 2014
Ghost town of Butteville Oregon

Ghost town of Butteville Oregon (Butes, La Butte, Buteville, St. Alexcie)

Name: Butteville (Butes, La Butte, Buteville) Class: E4 GPS: 45.261984, -122.841268 Directions: From I-5 south take the first exit after Willsonville (Boonesville) towards Champoeg. Butteville is about three miles before...

07th Oct 2014
Canemah, Oregon

Canemah, Oregon (Falls City) – Willamette River Ghost Town

Name: Canemah, Oregon Class: G4 GPS: 45.347178, -122.622699 Directions: From Oregon City head south on 99E. Canemah is now a neighborhood of Oregon City directly on the Willamette River. Description:...

19th Sep 2014

Harris, Oregon – Ghost Town, Covered Bridge, Winery (Elam)

Name: Harris (Elam) Class: E2 GPS: 44.5781755, -123.4601035 Directions: From Philomath head west on Highway 20. At about four miles, the town of “Wren” is on the right side. Take...

20th Aug 2014
Ghost Town of Bull Run, Oregon (Unavilla)

Ghost Town of Bull Run, Oregon (Unavilla)

Name: Bull Run (Unavilla) Class: H GPS:45.4240095, -122.2648102 (as Unavilla,) 45.430110, -122.231480 (as Bull Run) Directions: From Sandy, Oregon take SE Ten Eyck Road North. Follow it down the hill...

14th Aug 2014
Concomly Oregon

Concomly Oregon, Ghost Town, and Chief Comcomly

Name: Concomly Class: E4 GPS: 45.096549, -122.976951 Directions: Concomly is located on the corner of River Road, which parallels Interstate 5, and Concomly Road which crosses I-5 but has no...

07th Aug 2014

History of Estacada, Faraday, and Cazadero, Oregon

History of Estacada, Faraday, and Cazadero, Oregon The History of Estacada, Faraday and Cazadero are tied very closely together. All three towns are also closely associated with Portland’s growth in...

06th Aug 2014
Ghost Town of Dodge, Oregon

Ghost Town of Dodge, Oregon

Name: Dodge, Oregon Class: A2 GPS: 45.2148432, Longitude: -122.3023055 Directions: Head south from Estacada on OR-211S/Woodburn-Estacada Highway towards Woodburn. After 4.7 miles, turn left on S Hillockburn Road. Stay left...

06th Aug 2014

Currinsville (Young’s Prairie, Zion)

Name: Currinsville (Young’s Prairie, Zion) Class: H2 GPS: 45.315114, -122.342886 Directions: Currinsville is located about two miles south of Eagle Creek, Oregon and four miles North of Estacada along Eagle...