Bear Flat, Oregon

Name: Bear Flat
Class: A6
GPS: 43.1054133, -121.3808492
Directions: From Klamath Falls, Oregon drive north on Highway 97 44.8 miles. Turn right on to Silver Lake Road. At 34 miles you’ll come to Bear Flat. The community was on the right hand side of the road.

I spent a while debating on including this location or not as it didn’t seem to ever be a real town. has seven separate locations named Bear Flats, none of which seemed to be a populated place. Oregon Geographic Names only lists the one in Wallowa County. And this is one of the two locations in Klamath County.

Bear Flat, Oregon

I’m including it here because it was inhabited of sorts, there was a general store that sold provisions to travelers on the way to Silver Lake. The building that the store was in has been moved to Collier Memorial State Park just north of Klamath Falls and restored. (rebuilt? I’m not really sure!)

Bear Flat, Oregon

“Built in 1908 for travelers going to the Silver Lake Settlement. Many a pound of dried apricots and prunes passed over the counter. The extension of the roof in the back was a shelter for hanging hides and storing firewood. Give a through to the pioneers of yesterday. Coming by foot, or horse to shop at the Bear Flat Store.”

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