Vegan Restaurants Portland

Vegan Restaurants Portland

One of the things the city of Portland Oregon is well known for is the number of vegan and vegan friendly restaurants in the city. Most popular restaurants have a vegan friendly item or two on the menu, or can make some of their menu vegan. We’re not just talking about salads, although there is some of that. We’re talking sometimes full entries, and appetizers too.

But, sometimes you just want to be totally vegan, right?

100% Vegan Restaurants

Here is an interesting fact. Portland has so many vegan restaurants, that some specialize in specific cuisines! All the restaurants in this section are 100% Vegan.

A N D Cafe – A small intimate cafe in a part of Portland that few visit, this place has a great breakfast menu.

Blossoming Lotus – Blossoming Lotus has a number of Thai inspired vegan dishes, a very nice selection of sides, and a full bar.

Cafe Yumm! – an Oregon based “fast food” chain that serves a great rice bowl with their famous Yumm! Sauce. This should be on any vegan list.

Papa G’s Vegan Organics – more of a deli then a restaurant, they have burgers, sandwiches, build your own salad bar/rice bowl. They also have ginger gravy which sounds really weird, but is really tasty.

Prasad – Two locations with slightly different menus. Really good for breakfast, but they have a small amount of lunch items such as soups and salads, and are well known for their juice bar.

Sweet Lemon Vegan Bistro – Wraps, soups and salads with a leaning towards Asian flavors. A ways outside of the city, but still technically in Portland.

The Sudra – Indian vegan food. Highly recommend the pakora plate.

Veggie Grill – not quite fast food, but close to it. This California based chain has two Portland locations, and an extensive menu. Food is usually pretty quick, and very good.

Vegan Food Carts

Even the food carts have gotten into the fun of veganism! Note that by their nature food carts tend to move often, so be sure to check their website before going to get something to eat.

DC Vegetarian Cart – Currently located in one of the downtown food cart pods, they will be moving soon. Mostly vegan burgers and sandwiches they have some interesting options like grilled cheese, a BLT, and a bacon cheeseburger.

Homegrown Smoker Vegan BBQ – Literally vegan bbq. They have the typical sides most vegans get stuck with at a family BBQ, but they’ve also got a number of sandwiches.

Native Bowl – Bowls of rice with a variety of vegan toppings such as the Mississippi with BBQ soy curls, two BBQ sauces, dill peppercorn ranch, coleslaw and scallions on jasmine rice.

Whole Bowl – now has six locations. They only serve one item, the Bambino, a bowl of rice, beans, cilantro, olives, avocado, salsa and tali sauce. Without the sour cream and Tillamook Cheddar Cheese, 100% vegan.

Vegan Bars

Care for a meal with your drink? These full service bars serve vegan food.

The Bye and Bye – food served is outside of the normal bar good. It includes rice bows, several sandwiches, Spaghetti and meatballs (veggie of course,) and even grilled cheese!

Black Water Bar – (no website, 835 NE Broadway) – one of Portland’s newer vegan bars. No menu online, but they serve all your typical bar fare, just veganized for your pleasure.

Sweet Hereafter – Rice bowls, sandwiches and the Pretzel Burger.

Vegan Strip Bars

Because it actually does need it’s own category. In a city known for strip clubs, and vegan food, more then one person thought to bring them together.

Casa Diablo – Casa Diablo is probably Portland’s most famous strip bar – because of it’s vegan menu. Nothing special here as it mostly bar food, but it is good.

Hail Seitan – Located within Rose City Strip their heavy metal themed menu serves a ton of variations on your typical bar food like the Bits of gluttony – Hand made tater tots stuffed with either Satan Spit (habanero sriracha peanut butter) or green chili’s and chez.

Vegan Friendly Restaurants

Ok, if you’re still hungry after everything above, here are some of the better, vegan friendly restaurants in Portland. This list is far from complete.

Dots Cafe – Dots is legendary in the vegan scene within Portland, they set the trend for vegan places being famous for their drinks. It was among the first places that had a number of vegan options in the city.

East Side Deli – Three locations across the city that serve deli sandwiches. They have cards you mark to create your sandwich with one card specifically for Vegetarian/Vegan eaters

Fire On the Mountain – three locations that serve mostly wings with your choice of 12 different sauces that range from sweet and mild to scorch your tongue. Best of all, they have hands down the best vegan wings in Portland and possibly the entire West Coast.

Jam on Hawthorne – If there was one vegan friendly place that is a must go, Jam would be it for the breakfast. Located on Hawthorne, this is among Portland’s best breakfast places with a menu of items that come vega, or can also be easily made vegan. This is also one of the few “family friendly” vegan places in Portland, with a play area for kids!

Pho Van – one of the few Vietnamese places that has vegan broth for their Pho soup.

Farm Spirit – This is one of the more interesting restaurants on this list. One needs to make reservations and buy tickets for that time. The menu is a 10 to 12 course Prix Frie menu. They are vegetarian, but can do completely vegan for you.

Tin Shed – In my opinion, one of the best breakfasts in town, for carnivores and vegans. The Tim Curry (Roasted sweet potato, seasonal greens, mushroom, onion, roasted garlic and organic tofu in a yellow coconut-curry sauce topped with avocado, raisins and peanuts) is a perpetual favorite. They also have an extensive bar and like to infuse vodka for some interesting Bloody Marys flavors like ginger and garlic.

Vita Cafe – Not just friendly, but just a step removed from 100% vegan. They have a few items of meat on the menu, but most of the menu is vegan.

Vivi’s Vietnamese Noodle House – Pho place in Hillsboro that has awesome Canh Chua Chả Tôm Gà, a – Sweet Tamarind Specialty Soup that is phenomenal.

Vegan Groceries

Honorable mention for vegan grocers in Portland has to go to both New Seasons and Food Front. But both do carry meat and dairy items. If you want 100% vegan groceries, Food Fight on SE Stark is the place to go.

Complete list? Far from it! This is just a sampling of some of the better vegan food in PDX. What is your favorite vegan eatery in (or near) the City of Roses? Please comment below!

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