Snooseville Corner, just a sawmill

Name: Snooseville Corner
Class: A3
GPS: 45.72336, -123.07137
From North Plains, head Northwest on Mountaindale Road towards another ghost town, Mountaindale. Pass that location 7.4 miles Mountaindale Road comes to a T Intersection known at Snnoseville Corner. NW Shermans Mill Road and NW Fern Flat both intersect with Mountaindale Road here. The “town” would have been on the right.

Very little is known about this town. The only reference to it is in Ralph Friedman’s “In Search of Western Oregon on pg 284.[zotpressInText item=”49FAU84G” format=”%num%”]” He says that a sawmill was here in this small village, but it was too small to ever be on a map.


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