Scavenger Hunt for Seattle, Washington

Are you bringing visitors from out of town who are looking to explore Seattle? Do you have a weekend looking for something to fill it up and have hit all the tourist places? How about a scavenger hunt for Seattle? Clues are above, answers are below.

Scavenger Hunt for Seattle, Washington

1.) Q: World’s Grossest place

2.) Q: Where milk goes bad

3.) Q: The Future was born here

4.) Q: 1906 Books

5.) Q: They watch over you

6.) Q: Where the city was born, and died

7.) Q: Hammers all day

8.) Q: Cars and Pedestrians coexist

9.) Q: Raven, Shaman, Frog, Bear, Eagle, Whale, Eagle

10.) Q: Friendship of Asia

11.) Q: Swimming in steam


1.) A: Bubble Gum Wall

2.) A: Beecher’s Handmade Cheese

3.) A: Seattle Center

4.) A: Seattle Central Library

5.) A: Gargoyles (Multiple locations)

6.) A: Arch of the Burke Building. Formerly the location of A.A. Denny’s Residence, a founder of Seattle. After that the Great Fire of 1889m started here.

7.) A: “Hammering Man” at Seattle Art Museum

8.) A: Freeway Park

9.) A: Totem Pole in Pioneer Square

10.) A: Yosoji Kobayashi Friendship Bell, Washington State Convention & Trade Center

11.) A: Orca Mural on the Seattle Steam Plant.


Hope you enjoyed the Scavenger Hunt for Seattle. If you have any additions, please comment about them below! Also be sure to check out the Scavenger Hunt for Portland.

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