Scavenger Hunt for Portland, Oregon

First time visitor to Portland? Long time resident? Looking for something to do on a slow weekend? How about a scavenger hunt for Portland to explore some of what makes Portland, Portlandia. And maybe learn some history while you’re at it!

1.) Q: He has twins in Philadelphia and New York

2.) Q: This was the World’s longest Bar

3.) Q: Flood water reached this building in 1894.

4.) Q: Portland’s First Traffic Light is here.

5.) Q: Pac-Man, The Simpsons, Donkey Kong, Dr. Mario

6.) Q: Grimm had the oldest Turkey Dinner

7.) Q: The first place you could make a phone call

8.) Q: This ancient culture shelter’s Portland Future

9.) Q: He’s older then Powell’s

10.) Q: The Bishop lived here

11.) Q: They fought against public drunkenness

12.) Q: This veteran of the Spanish-American War is still remembered

13.) Q: Which was Portland’s first bridge?

14.) Q: Lewis and Clark. Murder. Witch’s House

Answers hidden below
1.) A: The “Umbrella Man” Statue in Pioneer Square.

2.) A: Erikson’s Saloon Building is on NW 2nd next to Alexis. Big gold letters on the building.

3.) A: (Several) First one at 133 Second Ave, Haseltine Building. There is a sign on it, and you can see the water marks on it. Second at 220 NW 2nd Ave

4.) A: Portland Police Museum

5.) A: Ground Kontrol Arcade

6.) A: Grimm filmed a scene at Huber’s – Portland’s Oldest restaurant famous for it’s turkey dinners.

7.) A: Portland’s First Telephone Exchange

8.) A: Time Capsule at the Chinatown Gate

9.) A: Cameron’s Books

10.) A: The Bishop’s House

11.) A: The Benson Bubblers

12.) A: Battleship USS Oregon Memorial at Waterfront Park – or artifacts are on display at the Oregon History Museum.

13.) A: Morrison Bridge

14.) A: Danford Balch Homesite


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