Golden Gate Bridge at Night

Golden Gate Bridge at Night

On the off chance there is anybody in the world who doesn’t know this location, this is the Golden Gate Bridge in a small city known as San Francisco California.

Golden Gate Bridge at Night
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The need to get across Golden Gate Straight had been identified as early as 1820. A ferry service served the area for decades, but talk of a bridge across the straight was the main topic for years. Experts repeatedly said it could not be done, but despite that, construction started on January 5, 1933. Construction lasted for just over four years, and the bridge opened to traffic on May 28, 1937.

(From WikiPedia) “The bridge faced opposition – including litigation – from many sources. The Department of War was concerned that the bridge would interfere with ship traffic; the navy feared that a ship collision or sabotage to the bridge could block the entrance to one of its main harbors. Unions demanded guarantees that local workers would be favored for construction jobs. Southern Pacific Railroad, one of the most powerful business interests in California, opposed the bridge as competition to its ferry fleet and filed a lawsuit against the project, leading to a mass boycott of the ferry service.”

Despite all this, the bridge has become one of the most iconic piece of architecture in the world. Numerous websites are dedicated to just pictures of the bridge, and it’s celebrated as a “free” and “must see” destination.

I’m personally partial to this view from the North side of the bridge. I haven’t had a chance to spend much time in Golden Gate National Recreation Area yet, but every time I’ve been through I’ve enjoyed it. Except for the road construction last time that made it impossible to go out to Point Bonita Lighthouse.

This picture was taken about 3am in the morning, with a ten second shutter speed.

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  • Nice, wish I could have ot there at 3 in the morning. I had fog but was lucky enough tomtake a pic from this point mid morning time wih no fog.

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