27th Dec 2014
Hufford Covered Bridge

Unknown Covered Bridges

These two covered bridges both came from a collection of slides I purchased that were mostly taken in Oregon. They are unlabeled, even with year. Any help in identifying them...

26th Nov 2014
Astoria Megler Ferry

Astoria-Megler Ferry Pictures and History

The Astoria-Megler Ferry ran near the mouth of the Columbia River between the towns of (now non-existent) McGowan Washington, and Astoria Oregon. It ran from 1921 until the opening of...

20th Nov 2012

Golden Gate Bridge at Night

Golden Gate Bridge at Night On the off chance there is anybody in the world who doesn’t know this location, this is the Golden Gate Bridge in a small city...

14th Oct 2012
Sandy River Bridge History Sign

Sandy River Bridge History Sign

Sandy River Bridge History Sign Located on the Sandy River just outside of Troutdale, Oregon, in addition to it’s historic location, the bridge itself is historic. Being the first link...

07th Nov 2011

Burnside Bridge, Portland Oregon

Burnside Bridge, Portland Oregon The Burnside Bridge in Portland is the only one of the Cities bridges built with input from an architect. It was completed in 1926 and replaced...